Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Coaches Corner

Featured Article: "Practice With A Purpose"

Our Coaches Corner incorporates the knowledge from our advisors, sources, and performance researchers to provide today's players and coaches with the necessary information for total development. Using the information from the Four Corners of Performance will provide the understanding and direction to build the attributes necessary to be the most efficient and powerful baseball player possible. We now know more time should be placed on performance training and skill development for the athlete to play at the highest levels, practice and games are just not enough. The Coaches Corner will provide you with the content discovery and guidance to help you become the Next Generation Player..

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Advisors / Sources

- Dave Johnson
- Mark Harris
- Tom House Ph.D
- AJ Johnson
- Don Slaught
- Dr. Greg Rose
- Steve Johnson
- Jim Lefebvre
- Dr. Fran O'Conner
- Orel Hershiser
- Randy Johnson
- Dr. James Andrews
- Dr. Richard Heitsch
- Robert Yang

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