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General Information

*Please contact us FIRST to schedule your time slot before registering/payment

Advanced Baseball does not do lessons, instead we train in quarterly programs. 


Each Program consists of – 


-10 weekly training sessions (90 mins each) totaling 15 hours for the quarter.

-Physical Screen (hitting or pitching/throwing depending on program)

-3D motion capture analysis  

-Slo-mo video analysis


Ballistic Explosive Power program – 2x weekly sessions (60-80 min) for 10 weeks

                                                                   -No Screen or 3D Motion 


Base Price of $800 per program *transaction fees may apply based on payment method


  • $800 – Cash/Check
  • $808 – Bank Transfer/Debit 
  • $831.20 – Credit Card 


1st payment for half the total cost is due upfront at Registration – the remaining ½ will be automatically billed mid-way through the quarter.


  • Notification email will be sent out 1 week prior to automatic billing for 2nd payment 
  • Automatic Billing for Credit Cards & Bank Transfer/Debit only (Cash/Check(s) will need to be brought in on the 1st and 6th sessions of the quarter) 


Regardless of payment method every athlete or parent of an athlete must register for their program(s) by clicking the “Register” button and filling out the registration.

*Please contact us FIRST to schedule your time slot before registering/payment

To inquiry for more info – email us


-Winter (Dec.-Feb.)

-Spring (Mar.-May) 

-Summer (Jun.-Aug.)

-Fall (Sept.-Nov.)


We schedule our athletes into fixed weekly time slots. Whatever day/time is chosen, that is their day/time for the whole quarter. For example, if an athlete choses Mondays at 5:30pm for their slot, the athlete comes in every Monday at 5:30 until the 10 sessions are reached or the quarter ends. 


Scheduling is on a “First come, first serve” basis and normally opens up 1 month prior to the upcoming training quarter start date. 


Ex. scheduling for the Fall Quarter (Sept-Nov) will open up August 1. 

*Late sign-ups are accepted; however, timeslots may be limited.


We do offer discounts in certain limited situations such as: 


-Multi-Program athletes



To inquiry for more info – email us