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   In-Season Arm Care & Throwing Maintenance #11
 In-Season Arm Care & Throwing Maintenance  Personal Adaptive Joint Threshold Training

Today's performance is only as good as yesterday's recovery --- Steve Johnson

Repair, Prepare, Compete and Repair again--- Tom House

With the now famous TOMMY JOHN surgery up 4000%in the last 10 years for pitchers 15 years of age and younger Advanced Baseball is committed to research and information that will identify the causes of these injuries and define methods of significantly reducing them.

The baseball season for pitchers is a marathon of outings, pitches, bull pens, side work, and games, this all adds up to a lot of work and 20% of arm strength is lost by season end. To change this, every game appearance the body physically has to recover from its previous outing before preparing itself for the next. Reviewing this sequence over an entire season, it becomes quite a daunting task. Overall, the focus of a pitcher between appearances should be to allow the body to totally recover from the previous outing, and prepare itself for the next.

These two points become an integral part of a pitcher's in-season circle of success. If you do not utilize proper recovery techniques and adhere to a routine of preparing yourself for your next outing, your success will be less than optimal, and the possibility of injury increases significantly.

We are entirely focused on researching ways of preventing these injuries that are keeping athletes from healthily seasons and reaching their fullest potential. We will combine premium information from sports medicine, exercise physiology, along with pre habilitation and rehabilitation protocols for complete recovery for in-season pitchers.

The goal is to reduce injury, promote athletic performance, and reinforce your commitment to staying healthily with a complete arm care program.

Quarterly Package includes:
10 sessions 15 hrs
2 payments of $400.00

Pre-habilitation (pre-injury)

Dynamic Flexibility Training
Joint Integrity Training
Sequencing Skill Work
Functional Strength Training
The Coaches Corner

Rehabilitation (recovery)

Weekly Arm Care Assessments
Vibe Plate Therapy
Aerobic Conditioning
Nutritional Support
Electro Stem Therapy
PAJTT Recovery Training

all missed sessions will have to be made up

Price: $ 400.00





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