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  Arm Strength & Velocity Fitness Program #13
Arm Strength & Velocity Fitness Program   "This program is an in-depth program to safely develop velocity, more importantly it details how to condition the total body to maximize a pitcher's genetic velocity potential." --- Steve Johnson

"This program uncovers the importance of rotational momentum and develops methods of unique functional strength and conditioning for throwers that allow optimal velocity at the highest-level possible." --- Tom House

Every pitcher wants to throw harder. Every professional scout and/or college recruiter will tell you that velocity is what they are all looking for. Increased velocity is one of the most sought-after aspects of pitching, it can go a long way in getting a batter out in fact many coaches in baseball view velocity as the definitive benchmark of pitching talent. There are many questions regarding how a pitcher works to increase real velocity, this training will answer them.

Traditionally, baseball has a lot of misinformation, and unfortunately, to date, there is a lot of fiction and not enough real fact about pitchers and their fastballs. This program will present new proven science based findings about the velocity of a thrown pitch. Our goal is to help pitchers maximize their fastball velocity, and minimize risk of injury.

The velocity training is geared for the high school or college player who is looking for the preparation needed for the Fall showcase season or upcoming draft. Remember going to showcases is not as important as what you take there. In this program we will introduce the Fastball Fitness training to improve your velocity and the essentials for you to reach your peak velocity at just the right time.

Quarterly Package includes:
10 sessions 15hrs
2 payments of $400.00

Velocity Assessment
Velocity Evaluation
Velocity Enhancement
Velocity Bio-Mechanical Sequencing
Velocity Functional Strength Training
Velocity Reports & Studies
Velocity assessment for quantifying the contribution of rotational momentum and directional momentum on real velocity

Velocity evolution for illustrating and explaining the interaction of biomechanics, functional strength, functional flexibility, and timing on real velocity
Velocity enhancement for integrating cross-specific

1) bio-mechanically efficient skill training protocols to improve energy sequencing, arm speed, totally body strength/flexibility, and real velocity,
2) rotational strength/endurance/flexibility training protocols, and
3) under/over loading implement weight-training protocols

All missed sessions will be made up

Price: $ 400.00





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