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  Art & Science Pitching Program #15
Art & Science Pitching Program  This program has been designed to prepare pitchers with the latest information from the medical field, performance sciences and the coaching community ---Tom House

This program is a training road map giving serious dedicated players an opportunity to get to there genetic best --- Steve Johnson

This program introduces participants to the latest research and thinking about what it takes for pitchers to maximize their performance and minimize their risk of injury. Pitchers will be introduce and trained in the Four Corners of Pefromance and integrate them into a seasonal series of Micro training cycles.

This pitching program will train participants how to effectively improve there pitching performance by training their body for a high level pitching delivery. They will be challenged to think differently and more holistically about what is required to prepare and pitch effectively and safely. Most coaches place all their emphasis on teaching the mechanics but little is understood about how to train your body for those mechanics. Not understanding the value of functional strength training can be the difference in having success on the mound.

Quarterly Seasonal Package includes:
10 sessions 15 hrs
2 payments of $400.00

Pitching Mechanics
Functional Strength Training
Nutritional Support
Mental Preparation
Arm Care
The Book
The Coaches Corner

all missed sessions will have to be made up

Price: $ 400.00





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