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  Coaches Corner Membership #16
Coaches Corner Membership  The performance insight of the Coaches Corner will make a real difference to get you to the next level --- Dr. Greg Rose

"The Coaches Corner is a wealth of information" ---Jim Lefebvre


Be a member of the Coaches Corner and receive the benefits of the most informative and technologically advanced information available we have today. For just $50/year get all your questions answered and a step-by-step performance road map of resources you need to support your young players to get them to the next level.

Bio-Mechanical Instruction
Functional Strength Workouts
Mental & Emotional Support
Nutritional Supplementation
Recovery Understanding
Interviews with players and coaches
Connecting coaches and players
Access to our referral service
Q & A on Performance & Baseball Training

The Coaches Corner is a monthly feature designed to help you reach your genetic goals. The NHA has helped to develop a program for the next generation baseball player called The Four Corners of Performance.

This program is specifically designed for the striker/thrower rotational athlete and will address all the performance absolutes necessary for you to achieve the highest level of skill development that is genetically possible. These absolutes cover Bio-Mechanical Efficiency, Functional Strength and Conditioning, Mental and Emotional support, and Nutritional/Hydration supplementation with Recovery.

As you continue with the Four Corners program it will become the cornerstone for all your training and you will come to see that it is the essential element in your development. The mastery of these absolutes is your best chance at Keeping the Dream Alive?

Price: $ 50.00





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