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  Train the Swing Program #17
Train the Swing Program  If you want to be a great hitter, it really starts with a great swing. This method of training has been used for years by Major league players it works there is no question about that" -- Jim Lefebvre

You can never compromises solid contact and that is what the Train the Swing is really about ---Steve Johnson

Baseball is one of the most over played and under trained of all sports. Most coaches place a great emphasis on teaching the swing but little is understood about how to train the body for the swing.

Hitters will learn how to train the swing & train their body for the swing, The characteristics of the swing are coupled with the strength component for the swing. Major league hitters are very strong they can get the bat through the hitting zone with tremendous bat speed. They are also baseball strong and what that means is they are functionally strong. This type of strength is crucial if you want to be a great hitter and you need a workout that has been designed to achieve this kind of strength. In the Train the Swing program you will learn this training method and how it will build the strength and speed for a powerful swing. level.

This training method has been designed to teach you how to develop timing, rhythm and feel with your swing along with the speed, strength and power you need to be a great hitter.

Quarterly Package includes:
10 sessions 15 hrs.
2 payments of $400.00

Hitting Mechanics
Hitting sequencing
Hitting timing
Functional Strength Training
The Coaches Corner

all missed sessions will have to be made up

Price: $ 400.00





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