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  College Break Training Program #18
College Break Training Program   Good pitching will mess up your good swing and timing --- Jim Lefebvre

During the game you will have bad swings do you know where they go --- Steve Johnson

Players work all winter on their swing but it is just as important to keep working on it in season --- Don Slaught

Most players and coaches need to understand that good pitching at game speed will affect a hitter's swing mechanics and what I really mean is his sequencing. A good fastball under your hands that you try to catch to or a great off speed pitch that gets you out in front of all negatively impact your swing and timing. That is the pitchers job change speeds, hit spots, and get hitters off balance and having a steady diet of it will cause swing flaws.

Major league hitters are constantly working on their swing in season it's a everyday process, the Bio- Mechanist say for every one bad swing you need to do 4-5 good ones to undo the bad one. So think about a week of inter quads, games, and swings at game speed all of which working against you. This is quite different then what most players and coaches think , most think that games will help to make you better and there is some value for hitting in those situations they help you with timing.

Package includes:

7 sessions Dec - Jan


Dynamic Flexibility Training
Joint Integrity Training
Functional Strength Training
The Coaches Corner


Tee Work
Sequencing Skill WorkTiming Work
Timing Work

Price: $ 500.00





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