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  Ballistic Explosive Training #30
Ballistic Explosive Training  Major league players are constantly working on their strength itís a year round process and this training method has been designed to get you baseball strong.--Jim Lefebvre

Not all weight training is good for baseball you need to be very careful in how you develop strength. Two important strength-training principles are; biomechanical specificity and progressive overload.

Biomechanical specificity requires that the supplementary exercises mimic as close as possible the movement patterns of the skill being learned state that the closer the supplementary exercise is to the primary activity, the greater the transfer of the training effect to the actual skill. This suggests that as many parameters as possible in the supplementary exercise should be similar to the actual skill, including, range of motion, speed, acceleration, sequence and timing. If any of these parameters stray significantly then the exercise becomes less effective.

The progressive overload principle states that for a training effect to occur in the neuromuscular system, the system must be overloaded beyond its normal usage levels. The overload is normally weight or force, but the overload principle could also be extended to include overload of speed, moment of inertia, range of motion, duration or stress. The progressive part of the principle refers to the fact that as the neuromuscular system adapts to the new loads it stops changing. To counter this effect, the load must be increased again, hence the term progressive overload.

Advanced Baseball strength-training program has been designed to teach you how to develop functional or useable strength for baseball (rotational athlete). The ultimate workout routines for developing total body strength stability, mobility, and flexibility! Regardless of whether you are a pitcher, hitter, infielder, and outfielder, this training program of functional strength exercises will get you more useable strength, peak performance, reduced injury, and maximum efficiency. This is the latest information for strength building to help players maximize their performance and minimize the risk of injury and to stay healthy and perform at a higher level!

package includes: 10 sessions
2 payments of $200.00

Weight Training
Functional Strength Training
Nutritional Support

Price: $ 200.00





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