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  Advanced Baseball Training & Performance Center :: NHA Equipment :: Power Hands Flat Training Kit

  Power Hands Flat Training Kit #5
Power Hands Flat Training Kit  This bat has been the centerpiece of training for many big league players. Solid contact is the hitters number one goal, this bat will create feel instantly and get your hands in the palms up palms down position at contact point. The 3 bats are weighted 3oz lighter and 3 oz heavier than your game bat. With the under load and overload principles of training you will work resistance and assistance training. The 3oz over will build strength and power. The 3oz under will build speed and quickness. The 3rd bat is your game weight. You will not believe the results with this training method. Your workouts with the flat bats and the training protocols will develop strength; power, quickness and mechanics believe it!!!
(When ordering gives your game weight and length in the comment section the 3oz over and 3oz under will be based from the game bat)

Price: $ 189.95


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