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Power Hands Flat Trainer
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Power Hands Flat Trainer

This bat has been the centerpiece of training for many big league players. Solid contact is the hitters number one goal, this bat will create feel instantly and get your hands in the palms up palms down position at contact point.

Members Price: $ 69.95

Art & Science Pitching Program
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Art & Science Pitching Program

This program has been designed to prepare pitchers with the latest information from the medical field, performance sciences and the coaching community ---Tom House

This program is a training road map giving serious dedicated players an opportunity to get to there genetic best --- Steve ...

Members Price: $ 400.00

Don Slaught Hitting Clinic
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Don Slaught Hitting Clinic

16 year Major League Veteran
Drafted in the 7th round by Kansas City Royals
Batted over 300 for 8 seasons
2006 ALCS Champion Detroit Tigers Hitting Coach
Played hi

Members Price: $ 295.00

Train the Swing Program
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Train the Swing Program

If you want to be a great hitter you have to have a great swing --- Jim Lefebvre

You can never compromises solid contact and that is what the Train the Swing is really about ---Steve Johnson

Members Price: $ 400.00

TRAIN THE SWING  the DVD "New & Improved"
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TRAIN THE SWING the DVD "New & Improved"

With Jim Lefebvre & Steve Johnson

In my 45 years of working with Major League hitters I have come to the conclusion that

"the secret to being a great hitter is there are no secrets"

"Only Good Information and Hard Work" ---Jim Lefebvre-

Members Price: $ 39.95


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