Advanced Baseball


Ballistic Explosive Power

Every player out on the field wants to be able to have more explosive power, whether hitting or pitching/throwing. The ability to create and transfer power efficiently through the body is paramount in bat speed/exit speed and pitch velocity. 


We know that Power = Force x Velocity 


What this equation shows us is that true power is both strong (big force) and fast (big velocity). Thus, an athlete’s training must include a combination of strength work AND speed work. Only working one or the other can lead to minimal to no power gains as well as frustrated confused athletes, not being able to understand why their 1 Rep Max on bench went up 25 pounds but their exit velocity or pitch velocity didn’t. 


This is why our Ballistic Explosive Power program will incorporate strength training principles, speed training principles and biomechanical specificity into all of the exercises and programs. This will help the athlete have the best chance and develop more force and the speed to apply that force, which we know will lead to increased power out on the field.