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Body Swing-Pitch Connection Assessment

Advanced Baseball Assessment reports gather information from every area that could affect an athlete’s performance. By combining the data and information gathered we can then lay out what is standing in front of them as well as the “road map to success”


Data will be collected in – 

  • Movement Screening 
  • 3D Motion Capture
  • Technical Video Analysis 
  • Power Testing 


Using the information from all 3 areas, we can then create a custom program for the athlete with a clear picture on what needs to be addressed both physically and technically. Below is a small bit of information on each area and why they are important to the total process.

Physical Movement Screen

Coaches all too often encourage players to move their bodies into positions that their athletes are physically incapable of achieving. Often, the reason why players cannot achieve a certain exit velocity or pitch velocity is because they have limited mobility, poor stability, or even a prior injury that limits their range of motion. Yet, if coaches are unaware or untrained to assess such physical limitations, they will likely proceed with barking some mechanical instruction out in a bullpen or batting cage, and demonstrating that they don’t know what they don’t know. 


Through our connection with Onbase University, Advanced Baseball coaches are educated and knowledgeable in the area of movement screening as it relates to baseball/softball. If the underlying cause of poor technique (bad mechanics) is poor movement quality, then a coach must be able to identify this and explain it to the player. The training recommendation could then include a combination of technical advice and exercises to improve the athlete’s level of fitness or even to develop a swing or throw style that accommodates the athlete’s physical limitations. 


Simply put, if an athlete’s technical issues are caused by a physical limitation in the body, standard technical coaching cues or drills are not going to work to correct it. As we say in the facility, “I can’t talk your hips into more range of motion or your shoulder into more external rotation (layback)”.  The limitation must first be identified, then the correct measures will be taken to fix the body. Once the body is right, it then allows for the correct technical aspects of the swing/throw to be taught/learned.  

3D Motion Capture / Kinematic Sequence

Have you ever wondered why some MLB players with unorthodox mechanics still had successful careers? Or why almost every hitter or pitcher in the MLB looks a little bit different swinging a bat or throwing a ball then the other guys in the league? Fortunately, with the aid of 3D motion capture systems, researchers have been able to identify the true measurement of good hitting/pitching. The answer is not in how close your swing resembles Ted Williams or Barry Bonds on a video camera, the answer is in the efficiency of your swing/throw compared to the best players in the world. 


Using data collected from 3D motion analysis systems, we can now look at how players generate speed and transfer the speed or energy throughout their bodies. We have found the most efficient sequence of how they transfer this speed to the bat or ball. We call this the “kinematic sequence.” The amazing thing is that all great hitters/pitchers have a remarkably similar kinematic sequence of generating speed and transferring speed throughout their bodies. That means if you compare Bryce Harper’s kinematic sequence to Mookie Betts’ kinematic sequence, it would be hard to see a difference. That is a bold statement since there is such an obvious difference on 2D video. All great hitters/pitchers begin by generating speed from their lower body and transferring that speed through their torso, then into the arms and then into the bat or ball. But what hitting/pitching style they use to complete this sequence is completely unique to each player. 


Currently the only way to measure efficiency is with a 3D motion capture system.

Technical Video Analysis

Even though efficiency is the key to determining a good swing/delivery, 2D video analysis is useful in breaking down the technical (mechanics) aspects of the swing/pitch. This can help determine if the athlete presents with any unhealthy mechanics or out of order movements that can lead to inefficiency in their kinematic sequence. 

Body Swing-Pitch Connection Assessment

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