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“Effective Strength Training for Pitchers”

The Coaches Corner

Our Coaches Corner incorporates the knowledge from our advisors, sources, and performance researchers to provide today’s players and coaches with the necessary information for total development. Using the information from the Four Corners of Performance will provide the understanding and direction to build the attributes necessary to be the most efficient and powerful baseball player possible. We now know more time should be placed on performance training and skill development for the athlete to play at the highest levels, practice and games are just not enough. The Coaches Corner will provide you with the content discovery and guidance to help you become the Next Generation Player..

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Baseball mechanics are subconscious for the major league player they are burned into their brains like a computer program on a hard drive. The professional player isn’t really conscious of all the individual motions that are occurring. The motion is learned and refined as well as written and rewritten through drills. This neuro-pathway programming is the key to skill work. Remember practice doesn’t make perfect it makes permanent so we have to have perfect practice.

We will address the neuro-muscular system as a unit. The integration of this system rather than the isolation of individual muscles is critical during strength training. We will increase the ability to produce force, reduce force, and stabilize the kinetic chain. You will develop the optimum levels of strength, speed, and power. Functional strength training will be an off-season, pre-season, and in-season activity.

Thinking versus feeling or the connection of mind and body, a kinesthetic awareness. Physical tasks of the body are driven by mental/emotional state of the individual. You can’t do two things at once. When trying to do something we can only perform one task at a time with conscious effort. When we want to improve our mechanics, we must decide which part of the brain program needs to be rewritten at what particular time. Effective management of emotions and mental focus are critical to the health and performance of the player. This will be a very important part of our process in training and games.

Nutrition includes all of the materials needed to both supply energy and maintain good health in a very complex athlete with very specific and complex needs. What we want to accomplish is to provide the information necessary for the elite player to understand these needs well enough that, they can confidently make the appropriate decisions to meet their specific nutritional needs.

Closing the loop is a pre-habilitation and rehabilitation process of the human body. Athletes prepare to compete, they compete, then (ideally) they repair from their competition before starting to prepare again. This routine must be managed game-to-game and week-to-week in micro cycles, as well as month-to-month and year-to-year in macro cycles if players are to have a chance at successful and healthy careers.