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My name is David Ellingson and I was drafted in 2016 as a right-handed relief pitcher in the 34th round by the Seattle Mariners. Since then, I have come a long way, and a big reason for that is Advanced Baseball helped me take my game to the next level. When I joined their program I thought I had already reached my ceiling but I was wrong. AJ and the staff at advanced baseball created an individualized plan for me, and with their advanced testing they were able to find my deficiencies quickIy. I was able to create strength and mobility in areas that were previously lacking using my newly created plan and their hands-on approach during work out sessions. I just finished my seventh year in pro ball, have climbed the levels to double A, and put myself in a position to be a call away from the big leagues. Thank you AJ, Steve, and the staff at advanced baseball for all your help and continued support. Advanced Baseball will take anyone’s game to the next level if the athlete is willing to put in the work, because they have the right information.

David Ellingson, testimonials
David Ellingson Mariners Organization

I took my 16-year-old son to Advanced Baseball in 2019 and was thoroughly impressed with everything we experienced. From the physical assessment, to the power testing, to the introduction to the bat speed program, AJ did a wonderful job communicating as well as being very thorough in everything he did. My son’s experience had a big impact on his development in understanding how his body moves as well as increasing his bat speed capacity by 15% through the bat speed program. If you’re looking to get fundamentally sound player development with proven process, this is the place to go!!! I highly recommend Advanced Baseball, AJ and his staff.

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Joe Dillon Nationals Hitting Coach

At 5'10" 155 pounds my son didn't attract much attention from the coaches at the highest levels of college baseball. What did get their attention was an 88-90 mph fastball! How did a small kid get the opportunity to play for the team that had just won the National Championship? The short answer is that Advanced Baseball gave him science-based knowledge, proven tools and a detailed plan that provided a clear pathway to success. If you have a kid that dreams of playing at the highest levels of baseball, if he will put in the work and commit to Advanced Baseball's program, he will succeed. As parents, we all want to give our kids the best opportunity to follow their passion and reach their goals. In an industry full of marketing driven promises and magical claims, Advanced Baseball's program actually delivers these results. Hughes will always attribute his success of being a member of the UVA baseball team to the good information and hard work he did at Advanced Baseball. I am lucky to have found Steve and Advanced Baseball they made my son's dream come to.

Peter Page UVA parent

Advanced Baseball and their program took my game to the next level. Without their instruction I would never have had the chance to play at the professional level. The instructors have a top-notch knowledge of both pitching philosophy and the science behind velocity. I continue to use their program to help father develop my professional career.

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